Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you
Paul Simon
Thanks to Gary Cliser for creating this video for me.

Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Knott's Berry Farm

I have a ton of photos from Knott's Berry Farm. Almost all of them are family and they tend to group themselves into themes. For example, my children.

and most recently, my husband, my youngest son and my grandson. 

We can go to the famous carved statues of saloon girls and cowboys. Besides being well known, they statues have their own history. If you're interested, you can check it out at Cabazon Dinasaurs.  

Mrs. Fallon, my mom's boss, and my mom, 1948
1953, my brother, my dad, my grandma, and me
1954, my cousin Paul Curtindale, my cousin, Jerry Curtindale, my brother and I
1954, My cousin Annette, and my Aunt Ruth Edmonds
In 2011, at age 11, my grandson had to be forced to sit next to the Saloon girls. He was simply too cool then to be seen with them. 
One of my favorite family photos, although my mom, Aunt Anne and Cousin Billy are missing. Taken in 1960, it is my Uncle Howard, my Grandpa William, my Grandma Mellie and my Dad in the front and assorted kids in the covered wagon.

Knott's Berry Farm is still our go to place when family comes to visit. It has changed and has lost a little bit of its charm but it is and always will be home to me. 

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  1. These are such great photos and it is so great to see generations at the same place. I have heard of this place and it looks like fun:) The poor boy sitting beside the saloon girls. My husband would have placed his hand on you know where:)